The Lack of Integrity Continues…

There has been no response to the following two emails. Both men have chosen not to be transparent.

August 6, 2019
President Farnam Jahanian
Carnegie Mellon University

Please read my email below to Adjunct Instructor Ray Gastil, former City Director of Planning. He has once again chosen silence. This email attests to the fact that we follow through on our word.

We are requesting your assistance to kindly ask Mr. Gastil to respond to a simple question that our communities deserve to have answered. We are making this appeal to your integrity and character. At the end of your tenure, when you look back upon the decisions you made as president, this may be one of your defining moments.

You cannot escape your responsibility for this roadway plan that would eventually destroy the neighborhoods of Panther Hollow and The Run. This plan is reminiscent of the destructive 1963 plans of then University of Pittsburgh Chancellor Edward Litchfield who sought to destroy our two neighborhoods with a futuristic 21st Century Research Park. Our communities prevailed, yet Pitt went on to achieve 10th in the nation in accumulating research funds even without these plans. In like manner, there are other ways to achieve your goals at Hazelwood Green without this destructive roadway through our two neighborhoods.

Our communities will continue to be seekers of truth to protect and preserve our heritage. You could take the path of Mr. Gastil and remain silent. If so, our communities will definitely take future actions on this matter that will be determined by the course of events.

However, I trust your grace and dignity will lead you to realize that choosing silence, or participating in actions that will destroy our two communities, is not the right path in life.

I look forward to your response to the appeal of our communities.

Carlino Giampolo

July 31, 2019
Ray Gastil
Adjunct Instructor – Staff Appointment

Mr. Gastil

You have been involved with the Mon-Oakland Connector (previously called Oakland Transit Connector) since its very inception. As Director of City Planning, you wrote a letter of support for its implementation to the PA Department of Community and Economic Development.

In the past, our community had asked you questions about your involvement, and you had chosen silence. That silence must end.

At the first community meeting for this project, you gave a presentation and mentioned that the roadway from Almono (now called Hazelwood Green), through The Run and Panther Hollow, to Pitt and CMU, would traverse through the back end of the University of Pittsburgh’s parking lot in Panther Hollow. The entire meeting was videotaped.

Our community needs the following question answered truthfully:

Who at the University of Pittsburgh, or at the City of Pittsburgh, told you that the roadway could traverse through the back end of the University of Pittsburgh’s parking lot in Panther Hollow?

Our community deserves an answer and will not accept silence. The question should be easy to answer. If you choose silence by August 5, then we will ask CMU President Farnam Jahanian for assistance to have the question answered.

Carlino Giampolo