June 2018 Update

Parking Lot Sale

A private parking lot in Panther Hollow was purchased by Duquesne Light Company for $5.45 million dollars. This secretive sale was documented on May 31, 2018.

Prior to the sale, Duquesne Light Company President and CEO Richard Riazzi and his administrators chose not to inform the community, City Council President Bruce Kraus who represents the community, or Oakland Planning and Development Corporation, the largest community organization, of this purchase or their future plans for the site.

This shameful, secretive action is reminiscent of a similar action taken on July 31, 2015 by the mayor, his chief of staff, and the Urban Redevelopment Authority, among others. At that time, an application was filed with the State Department of Community and Economic Development for a $3 million Multimodal Transportation Fund Grant to build a roadway through the Panther Hollow and Four Mile Run neighborhoods. It was the actions taken primarily by residents of these two communities that resulted in the application being denied. (See this site for further details.)

Carlino Giampolo